Modern technology

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Investing in modern technology in recent years we have increased the volume of production and improved product quality, as confirmed by our business partners. The most optimal combination of machines for production, have been chosen and installed.

Along with the modernization of the production of plate furniture we have performed certain investments in the section of massive furniture. We installed a new wide belt sander and four side moulder so that the production capacity in this production section has been significantly increased.

The production is based on numerically controlled machines that allow us the great speed, flexibility and quality.

Surface treatment is performed on two modern lines for applying UV acrylic paints. This technology provides high speed, high quality and high surface resistance of painted surfaces in compliance with the respect of the strictest environmental standards.

In the facility for massive wood processing, we have the ability to produce parts for the tables of various shapes,  produced in one of our CNC processing centres, as well as some turning parts produced in our own facility.

In the facility for processing veneers are able to connect veneer sheets of any dimensions using “zigzag” or glue joints. On our laser cutting machines we can make any kind of inlaid veneer.

All investments in technology are an investment in the quality of our products. With that we once again confirm the unwritten rule that “recognizable quality is inseparable from the technology that creates it.”