About us

Founded in 1943, Standard a.d. from Prnjavor is a furniture manufacturer with a long tradition. As part of SOUR Šipad, Standard has been until 1985. producing mostly school furniture. From that expertise it transfers its activity to the production of furniture for households from mixed materials all until 2000. By the virtue of outstanding quality and successful design, Standard has grown in the 1980s, in a company with 300 employees which has been distributing its products in both domestic and foreign markets. In the period from 1990 to 1995 Standard has operated with smaller capacity.

Cooperation with the Swedish company IKEA began in 2000, when Standard had 90 employees. That same year, Standard has been registered as a joint stock company, which was a precondition for starting the sale of shares.

During 2004, Swiss company Daccomet AG from Zurich started privatization and currently owns 84.5% of shares. State funds own 14.6% and small shareholders own 0.9% of shares. After the purchase of the majority Standard’s shares by Daccomet AG, three cycles of investment in equipment, facilities and training of employees have been conducted with the aim of improving the quality and increasing the capacity. Standard currently employs over 300 workers and has started with the fourth investment cycle.

Environmentally conscious work

Besides the investments in upgrading technological and organizational processes Standard a.d. did a lot in the field of environmental protection, which is essential for the efficient and modern way of doing business. We are aware that technological development has more increasing impact on the protection of the environment so that we have, in order to preserve natural water resources, decided to build a modern, compact and portable device for biological-aerobic waste water treatment – Biorotors Tehnix.

Standard a.d. operates in accordance with IKEA requirements out of which IWAY is one of the strictest environmental and social standards. IWAY standard refers to the minimum requirements for environmental, social and working conditions in the process of purchasing products, goods and services.

We are currently implementing ISO 50001 for energy efficiency. Sustainable development in our business will allow us to ensure long-term access to key raw materials, strengthen competitiveness and increase productivity. In addition, it will help us to stay ahead of future potential competitors in the market.